Alaska Highway @ Milepost 733

Swift River Lodge, closed their doors for the last time in 2006

Swift River Lodge at Mile 733 of the Alaska Highway is closed for good. After more than 16 years serving Alaska Highway travelers around the clock, Swift River Lodge has boarded up their windows and locking the door for the last time. This came as a shock because I remember stopping and having a bite to eat here for most of that 16 incredible years. The Johnson's are a great family and have been so helpful and kind to all of us that travel this highway 12 months of the year. Swift River Lodge will be sorely missed and we want to wish the Johnson's all the best in their next endeavors.

Goodbye ole friends, you will not be forgotten.

Services on the Alaska Highway


Check your fuel often when driving the Alaska Highway.Swift River lodge was the only gas station between Watson Lake some 100 miles to the south and the town of Teslin 70 miles further up the highway. And the worst thing is that neither of those communities, Watson Lake nor Teslin, offer fuel 24 hours a day like Swift River did.

We bring this up as a reminder that nothing is for certain along the Alaska Highway. Fuel is critical so the ½ tank rule applies. Check your fuel often when driving the Alaska Highway.