Tell Your Friends About Camping in Alaska.

Alaska Campgrounds can be few and far between. Distances in this massively large state are deceptive to those visiting from smaller states like Texas. Alaska facts is a quick introduction to the information needed to negotiate the vast land you are about to encounter.

Welcome to The Land Less Discovered.

To help you understand the size of Alaska we are including just a few points that help describe this immense state to help you in allotting the proper time for travel, once you are in Alaska. Getting here, well that's another topic all together and one we will discuss in detail later in this site. For now, let's just look at Alaska.

Someone once asked me, How Big Is Alaska? Well to that I had no real answer to give them as the only thing I could think of to say was, It’s Huge. Not being content with such an ignorant statement, I took the time to gather some facts so that the next time I heard that question I would have some sort of answer besides, It’s Huge. From the collected works I have today, here are a few different points I found interesting so far.

Alaska is so big it has been given its own time zone. AST or Alaska Standard Time is one hour behind Pacific Standard Time and four hours behind Eastern Standard Time.

At 570,374 square miles; Alaska is Twice the size of Texas:

Sorry Texas, not only is Alaska bigger than Texas it also holds 1/5 the land of the rest of the United States too; Now That's Big. Seriously though, from east to west Alaska stretches 2,400 miles and north to south another 1,420 miles. Alaska's coastline is 50 percent longer than the combined east and west coastlines of the entire United States. In all, Alaska's coastline covers 6,640-mile and includes desolate expanses of mind absorbing solitude that calls upon the courageous to discover its existence. There are an estimated 150,000 moose, 110,000 black bears, 35,000 brown bears, and 7,500 polar bears living in Alaska. The most popular attraction remains the estimated 100,000 glaciers in Alaska viewed by 1.7 million visitors to this state each year, over 1 million of those visitors arriving by cruise ship alone.

Yes, Alaska is a destination far beyond the discovered lands. She is a lost world isolated from her mother, a land duly known as “The Last Frontier”.

Extreme Distances in Alaska

If you decide that renting a car and driving is your preferred method of seeing Alaska please remember, destinations and places are a bit further apart in the largest state in the union.