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Who doesn't love a good fish story? Whenever the topic of Alaska comes up, fishing seems to quickly follow. Alaska offers salmon fishing, grayling fishing, trout fishing and more.

Guide to Alaska fishing trips and guides available in or near your campground.

Fishing in Alaska is available in and near most campgrounds.Fishing in Alaska

Typically, the thoughts of fishing in Alaska conjures up memories from past Alaska salmon fishing on one of the many rivers and streams from Ketchikan to Bristol Bay. Good memories of rivers full of chrome bright salmon in a serene wilderness setting.

While fly fishing is my passion, drift fishing for Alaska's five species of salmon in places like the Little Susitna near Houston Alaska brings back many great memories from 30 years of fishing in Alaska. Than there are those days we spent fishing the more remote backwoods streams across Cook Inlet and along the Yentna and Talachitna Rivers there too. While the salmon fishing was nothing short of spectacular it was the trout fishing that really made me the happiest.

Campgrounds with Fishing in Alaska

Throughout this site we will be concentrating on the accessable fishing in and near the campgrounds scattered around Alaska. While not all will have salmon fishing available there are many with great trout and grayling fishing and in the interior regions the pike fishing can be pretty good too.

Additionally, Alaska fishing and camping has to include the opportunities for getting totally off the grid by venturing out to the Alaska Bush in search of the most rewarding and challenging of all fishing in Alaska. While accessing the best fishing in Alaska can be a challenge it's not as hard as one might think. Thanks to the popularity of the small floatplanes scattered around the state it's as easy as looking up an Air Taxi Service and catching a ride to a river full of fish.

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