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Alaska Souvenirs; Made in Alaska

Made in AlaskaHere in Alaska we have long lived with the need to improvise and make do with what we currently have on hand. Living far from the markets of the 48 continuous states we just can’t run to the store every time we need something or have to replace an item. I suppose that this could be a lot of the reason why there are so many crafty entrepreneurs living and working in the Last Frontier.

While Alaska may be most famous for its petroleum and fishing industries there is a side to Alaska that just might be even grander; yet far too little ever seems to get written about it. To this day the people of Alaska remain frontiersmen, born to overcome the most challenging situations, and strangely enough, we tend to be more than happy to keep it this way. There's a sense of pride in it that no one seems willing to part with.

Sure Alaska oil and gas production is thriving and yes the gold, copper, zinc and jade industries are flourishing as well. But we’re here to bring attention to another trade that is just as vital and really has a huge upside to both our people and to our visitors too; products that are made in Alaska! Yes, we are talking about real souvenirs and gifts that are actually made here in Alaska rather than those cheap Chinese reproductions that are being sold in every state with just a different label and different labeling on the package.

Gifts Made in Alaska

Making an entry into the tourism market we admit that there is a huge demand for authentic “Made in Alaska” souvenirs. Our families and friends visiting us from outside have often expressed dissatisfaction when noting all of the Made in China labels on the Alaskan souvenirs in the stores and shops here in our state. Where are the handmade Alaska native items that use to fill those same shelves not all that long ago?

While we currently know of several items we are always looking for more made in Alaska products to showcase here on the site and in our marketing mediums. From scrimshaw to oil painting to wood carvings too, we are very interested in knowing about your products and hope that we will hear from you soon. Please contact us and let’s see if we can put your items together with the customers looking for pieces like those you have to offer today.

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