Popular Fishing Destinations in Alaska.

For comprehensive Fishing information including ADFG emergency orders and any lake, river or stream closures; daily limits, fishing seasons, stocking, species, as well as any rule or license changes, please contact the Alaska Dept. of Fish & Game directly at (907) 267-2218, as the rules can and do change even in mid-season.

most notable fishing destinations in Alaska

Below we are gathering a list of fishing destinations in Alaska with information and suggestions to make your Alaska fishing trip a bit easier to plan.

Alaska Salmon Fishing

  • The vast majority of salmon fishing in Alaska goes on in the coastal rivers of Southeast Alaska and along the Parks and Glenn Highways.
  • The Klutina, Tonsina and Gulkana Rivers in the Copper River Valley are very popular for salmon fishing in June through September. King Salmon - Mid June through July; Sockeye Salmon - Late June through the month of August; runs of Coho salmon in the Tonsina return in August through the end of September.
  • Another destination popular for Alaska salmon fishing is Southeast Alaska including the towns of Haines and Valdez Alaska, and all through the Alaskan Inside Passage including Sitka, Craig and Klawock on Prince of Wales Island, Petersburg and Wrangell at the mouth of the Stikine River. Juneau and Ketchikan also offer good fishing along with a vacation destination you can take the entire family to and never worry about running out of things to see and do.

Alaska Grayling Fishing

  • Popular destinations for Alaska Grayling Fishing include the abundant lakes and streams along the Alaska, Richardson and Denali Highways. Along the road to Lake Louise off of the Glenn Highway you pass a lot of smaller lakes that also sport good grayling fishing as does Lake Louise itself.

Alaska Trout Fishing

  • Alaska has an aggressive stalking campaign going to populate many of Alaska's lakes with hatchery rainbows. Jewel Lake in Anchorage is one such lake and a great place to take the family when staying in the local area.
  • Wild rainbows are maintained as a catch-and-release fishery in most of Alaska. This has paid off with some truly first class trophy sized trout in many areas of Alaska. The first that comes to mind is the middle and upper stretches of the Kenai River where this fishery has been producing monster trout for fishermen over the past 30 years and it's actually getting better than before. Lake Clark and Bristol Bay are the real wilderness destinations for trophy sized rainbow trout and the rivers and streams of the Wood River drainage are absolutely amazing.

Alaska Pike Fishing

  • Serious pike fishing is available throughout Alaska's interior with the #1 destinations are mainly in the Fairbanks, Tok and Glennallen areas.

Alaska Halibut Fishing

  • Drive on down the Richardson Highway to the halibut fishing destination of Valdez for the very best salt water fishery in the state. Halibut fishing in Valdez Alaska has emerged as the new #1 destination for summer and fall charter fishing. The salmon fishing has long been the draw to the waters around Valdez but today the halibut fishing just might be some of the best ever. Other destinations for outstanding halibut fishing include Cordova, Whittier, Kodiak and Seward.

Destination Alaska - Camping and Fishing in the Last Frontier.

It's really hard to think about camping in Alaska and not have fishing enter into my mind. Over the past few years we have started getting back into flyfishing and it's on these family camping trips that my sons and I have been getting hooked on grayling fishing in Alaska as well as in the Yukon.

As for our salmon fishing, for the most part we spend our time on the Klutina and Gulkana rivers in the summers. Sometimes we will go to the Kenai River during the dipnet fishery but thats strictly for Alaska residents and it's more about filling the freezer than fishing for fun and relaxation.

The Klutina, Tonsina and Gulkana Rivers position you along the Richardson Highway allowing for trips to continue on to Valdez where the halibut fishing is second to none.