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Arctic grayling are found throughout most of Alaska with the notable exception of the Southeast Alaska Panhandle, Kodiak Island and the entire chain of Aleutian islands. Alaska grayling can grow up to 2 feet in length and weigh in at a whoppin' 5+ pounds. They're highly aggressive feeders making them a great sport fish for the young anglers in the party.

Guide to Alaska fishing trips and guides available in or near your campground.

Grayling Fishing in Alaska

The majority of the grayling fishing in Alaska takes place in the interior regions of the state. That's not to say that there is no grayling fishing in other areas of Alaska but just that the better fishing in found there.

While grayling are equally at home in Alaska's lakes, small streams and in the bigger rivers too, it's the smaller streams where we really enjoy fishing for the the most. Fishing grayling in the lakes of Alaska we often look at the inlets and outlets, depending upon the time of year, as this allows for bank fishing in some clear water with small flies and spinners too.

Our list of favorite fishing areas for grayling include the following:

  • Tangle Lakes on the Denali Highway
  • Paxon Lake on the Richardson Highway
  • East Fork Chulitna River near Healy, Alaska
  • Lake Louise off the Glenn Highway near Glennallen Alaska

Arctic Grayling Lures

While most grayling fishing in Alaska seemingly is in the form of flyfishing, there are a lot of these fish caught on spinning gear every season too.

  • How to catch Arctic Grayling

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