Trout Fishing in Alaska

While most of the talk has for years centered around the salmon fishing in Alaska many locals were enjoying another kind of fishing that is equally as exciting and offers a world class quarry. What we are talking about is the rainbow trout fishing found in some of the rivers and streams all around the State of Alaska.

Alaska's rainbow trout fishing is already legendary with fly fishermen and there are a number of lodges that cater exclusively to the trophy rainbow trout fishing found in Alaska's remote destinations. One of the big ones is over in Bristol Bay along the chain of lakes in the Wood River-Tikchik region of Alaska. Lodges like Tikchik Narrows Lodge and Aleknagik Island Lodge


Alaska Trout Fishing Close to Campgrounds

Along the road system the most popular areas for trout fishing in Alaska include the streams along the Parks Highway. Montana Creek Campground and Willow Creek are two of the most common with the campgrounds of the Little Su and Talkeetna also popular trout fishing area.
NOTE: The Gulkana River is home to the most northerly population of native rainbow trout in North America.

Over on the Richardson Highway the Gulkana River offers a popular float fishing for catch and release rainbow trout fishing as well as some excellent grayling fishing too.

The lakes along the Richardson Highway are popular among trout fishermen too. Three of the top lakes are Meier's Lake, Summit and Paxson Lakes along with the Tangle Lakes which are actually along the Denali Highway about 22 miles from the Richardson.

Kepler Lake near Palmer and Tolsona Creek near Glenallen both offer some good trout fishing along the Glenn Highway.