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Hatchers' Pass Road takes you into a less traveled region of Alaska seldom scene by visitors but held in secrecy by Alaskans as the local retreat of grand proportion.

Hatcher Pass, Alaska

A 50 mile scenic loop between the George Parks and Glenn Highways takes you to Hatcher Pass and the Historical Independence Mine State Park. Hatcher Pass Road is one of the Mat-Su valleys hidden hideaways with a rich mining history with a number of old gold mines. Over 500,000 ounces of gold has been removed from the local area. The first mining claims were staked in the Hatcher Pass area in 1906.

Independence Mine

What is now called Independence Mine was once two mines: The Alaska Free Gold (Martin) Mine on Skyscraper Mountain, and Independence Mine on Granite Mountain. In 1938 the two were bought together under one company, the Alaska-Pacific Consolidated Mining Company (APC). With a block of 83 mining claims, APC became the largest producer in the Willow Creek Mining District. The claims covered more than 1,350 acres and included 27 structures. In its peak year, 1941, APC employed 204 men, blasted nearly a dozen miles of tunnels, and produced 34,416 ounces of gold worth $1,204,560 which is equivalent to $57,474,720.00 at today's prices.

Independence Mine

Hatcher Pass Road

Scenic views from Hatcher Pass Road between Palmer and Willow Alaska. Hatcher Pass doesn't typically open till the 4th of July weekend due to snow. There are numerous places to camp along Hatcher Pass Road on the Willow side. Most are small pullouts or just open areas along the road. There are no sanctioned campgrounds nor rv parks as this is a primitive road that is best not traveled by the large motorhomes.

Hatcher Pass Road between Palmer and Willow Alaska

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