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This page looks at the Richardson Highway between Glennallen and Delta Junction Alaska. The entire highway spans a total of 366 miles connecting Fairbanks Alaska to Valdez, Alaska. This 154 mile portion between Glennallen and Delta Junction is looked at separately as an alternate route to the more established route traveling through Tok, Alaska.

Richardson Highway near Glennallen Alaska

The Richardson Highway between Glennallen and Delta Junction Alaska is one of the lesser traveled road that offers some great wilderness style camping plus there is very good fishing for Alaska's King and Sockeye salmon, lake trout and grayling too. The chances for seeing wildlife is pretty good as the traffic is lighter on this highway compared to others in the state.

River rafting is popular on the Gulkana River. This float is most often a multi-day event that attracts photographers and fishermen in the summer and hunters later in the fall.

All along the Richardson Highway one has a good chance to see many types of Alaska's favorite wildlife species including bald eagles, both black and grizzly bear, moose, caribou, ducks, geese and one of my favorites, loons. Small creatures are abundant in many areas like the prickly porcupine and river otters too. The Gulkana River is well known for its premier King and Red salmon runs that attracts fishermen from all areas of the world. Arctic Grayling fishing is also popular in the lakes and streams along Alaska's Richardson Highway.

Leave Civilization Behind - Wilderness Scenic Drive

Once you leave either Delta Junction on the north or Glennallen to the south you will not see a lot of civilization over the next 154 miles. There are a couple roadhouse lodges offering gas, food and lodging but as for towns they just will not be found.

Gas stations are few but with a little planning you should not experience any problems.

Delta Junction is a pretty good sized town and you will find all of the necessary services readily available.

Summit Lake is a small and semi private settlement but no services are available now that the old lodge has shut down.

Sourdough Roadhouse located at Mile 147½ on the Richardson Highway, adjacent to the Gulkana River is one of the oldest operating roadhouses remaining in Alaska. Sourdough Roadhouse also has a small campground along the banks of the creek.

Meier's Lake Roadhouse located 55 miles north of Glennallen at mile 170 has been updated with a nice restrauant, cabins and a small campground on the lake. We plan on stopping to check out what's new and will update you later this summer.

Richardson Highway Campgrounds

Dry Creek State Recreation Site

Sourdough Creek Campground

Paxson Lake Campground