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Walmart Anchorage Alaska
155 West 104th Avenue,
Anchorage, AK 99515
(907) 341-3400

New city law bans RV camping in Anchorage parking lots!
: Overnight Parking at the Anchorage Walmart parking lots is no longer allowed. RV's MUST stay at one of the sanctioned RV parks in or near the city. Fines and towing have been noted. Unfortunately there are not nearly enough camping areas to accommodate RV's in Anchorage AK.

Overnight camping in the Anchorage Walmart Parking Lots is common for Walmart customers.

Anchorage Walmart

We all know that Walmart is a great place for RVers to stop and shop as you can replenish all of the needs in one convenient location. Anchorage AK Walmart's offer groceries, camping gear, souvenirs, hardware, auto parts, craft supplies and RV stuff of all kinds.

Anchorage Walmart's are no longer allowed to allow you to overnight in their parking lots. In the past, most of those that do overnighted in a local Walmart parking lot are typically travelers that are arriving late and just passing through Anchorage and a place to get a few hours of shut eye before continuing on their way. This includes many of whom are needing to re-supply before leaving town and some that are just waiting out the rush hours before moving on to their next destination. I have taken advantage of the Walmart parking lots a couple times in Alaska and also when driving up the Alaska Highway and in many other states too. On one trip we arrived in Anchorage from Destruction Bay, Yukon late and stayed at Walmart after not finding a open campsite that could accommodate our 70 foot combined length, we were towing the boat as usual. It was nearly 1am so we pulled in and spoke to the manager who informed us that he could not authorize us to stay but would not chase us out either. Setting up camp would be something different and we would be asked to leave in the morning. Those days are now over.

Walmart Camping Saved The Trip

On another location, Walmart saved the day by allowing us to spend the night so they could replace a blown tire and bent wheel on the boat trailer. We arrived on the fourth of July when the tire shop was closed. With the tire totally shot, see image to left, we were hesitant to try to go any farther not wanting to do any more damage. Both the fender and spring hanger bracket had been bent not allowing for room to put on the spare. Had we not been able to stay we would have been in a very difficult situation.

Anchorage AK Walmart Locations

  • Walmart Supercenter, 3101 A St, Anchorage AK 99503 / 907-563-5900

  • Walmart Supercenter, 8900 Old Seward Hwy, Anchorage AK 99515 / 907-344-5300

Overnighting is not allowed at either location.