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Juneau Alaska tours, glaciers, cruise ships and whale watching. visit the campgrounds and RV parks of Juneau via the Alaska Marine Highway or Alaska Ferry.

Juneau Alaska

Juneau Alaska is only accessible by water or by air. Getting their in your RV is only possible by booking passage on the Alaska Marine Highway, better known as the Alaska Ferry. In Juneau the number of RV sits in quite limited and most are best suited for smaller RV's. There are the two private RV Parks that do offer full sized RV's plenty of room but competition for those spaces can be petty high in the months of June through August.

Juneu, Alask's Capitol city is an interesting place to visit. The city is built right on the waters edge with a backdrop of towering mountains and snowcapped glaciers.

Juneau Convention & Visitors Bureau Juneau located at 200 Glacier Ave Suite 201 Juneau, AK 99801 can be reached by dialing (907) 586-2201. Call today and order your free travel guide for Juneau and the surrounding towns.

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