Juneau Alaska Tours and Excursions

Photo taken by Theresa Soley in Tracy Arm Fjord, August 2011

Photo of harbor seal in Tracy Arm near Juneau Alaska. This photo was taken by our freelance journalist living in Juneau, Theresa Soley.

The 30 Mile long fjord known as Tracy Arm is located approximately 50 miles southeast of Juneau Alaska. Tracy Arm is the place to see some of Alaska's largest glaciers. Two of those glaciers are the twin Sawyer glaciers which have become popular with visitors to the Juneau area. Visiting tour boats and cruise ships alike have to navigate through countless icebergs seen float along the surface of Tracy Arm. Harbor seals like the one in the photo above are common sights and seem to pose as the ships silently slip on by as they maneuver through the abundant icebergs and marine life.

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