Alaska Highway Camping

Camping along the Alaska Highway includes a guide to preparing for the adventures ahead. The Alaska Highway Camping Guide includes information from over 50 trips over the Alcan covering all four seasons. Spring, Summer and Fall are pretty straight forward but camping along the Alaska highway in the winter can lead to some rather wild challenges.

Southern British Columbia; There are two main routes leading up to the Alaska Highway that really offer an absolutely breathtaking journey worthy of being the destination in themselves.

Northern British Columbia; This is where the Alaska Highway begins, in the downtown streets of Dawson Creek is the famous mile "0" marker where so many travelers have previously begun their northern journeys. If you are interested, there is a second route that many pass on just because of a lack of knowledge that it exists. The Cassiar Highway, AKA Route 37, is a 450 mile 725 km long road that serves as an excellent alternate route to take on either the northern or the southern portion of your trip. Cassiar Highway or Alaska Highway?

Yukon Territory;