Mile "0" on the Alaska Highway

Bob Jameson
April 4, 2015

Dawson Creek, British ColumbiaGentlemen, start your engines! Ahead of you lie's over 1500 miles of isolation, seclusion and rugged, forbidding wilderness, and beyond that, more isolation, seclusion and rugged, forbidding wilderness. In fact, the further you go the more desolate and rugged that wilderness seems to get. So lets take this a little bit slower, reach up and shut the engine off and lets plan this out before we go off all half cocked; believe me, if the wife is with you, your going to be really happy you took this time to eliminate some of those oops and Oh darn its beforehand. Do I need remind you as to what those are? Didn't think so... but just in case, they're the ones our wives never let us forget! Oh Ya, We Got The Picture...

Dawson Creek British Columbia.

So let's get on with it. You have made it to Mile "0", the beginning of the Alaska Highway, in Dawson Creek B.C. and now you're itching for making tracks in the wilderness that lyes ahead. Do you have a clue where you're going on day one? How far do you plan to travel and is there anything other than a bunch of trees and bears there?

Day One: Drop those jacks and hook up to power. It's time to begin gathering the knowledge in those little flyers at every shop, bar and gas station in Dawson Creek. Lets first think about where your going and look at the map for places to stay along the way.

The Alaska Hotel burnt down on Sep 15, 2012; Dawson Creek B.C.
Sadly, the Alaska Hotel pictured above burnt down on Sep 15, 2012; Dawson Creek B.C.

Dawson Creek BC Campgrounds

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Let's begin by looking at the Campgrounds on Alaska Highway starting with



Dawson Creek Visitors Center is located at 900 Alaska Avenue in Dawson Creek, BC Canada.