Jake's Corner Yukon

Make Jake's Corner at historical mile 866 one of your planned stops along the Alaska Highway and take a moment to talk to them about your options of remaining on the Alaska Highway or detouring on Highway 8 to the Tagish Road and the Atlin Road that also leads you to Carcross and even on to Skagway Alaska if you so desire.

Jake's Corner Yukon located along the Alaska Highway between Johnson's Crossing and Whitehorse Yukon. This is also the point where you need to make a decision on which of two routes you want to travel. Turning off the Alaska Highway and onto Yukon Highway 8 leads you through Tagish where there is a public camnpground at the river bridge and continuing on you reach the town of Carcross Yukon.

The Complex at Jake's Corner.

Jake's Corner was one of the more unique stops along the Alaska Highway and we will surely miss stopping there. The restaurant, campgrounds, RV parks were closed on our last visit but the gas and diesel pumps were open. We hope that the restaurant, campgrounds, RV park will open once again as they are currently greatly missed.

Take The Scenic Route

From Jake's Corner you are presented with the option of taking the short detour and heading to Tagish and Carcross for a real northern experience. This route requires a short yet scenic detour down Yukon Route 8 from Jakes Corner that takes you through Tagish where a very nice provincial campground is located on the canal and then on to the town of Carcross. The entire detour will not add more than 50 miles to your trip but will reward you with a magnificent side trip scene by all too few. The route is all on paved roadways too.