Contact Creek lodge

Milepost 590 Alaska Highway
Yukon Territory Canada

Contact Creek Lodge is located on the border between Northern British Columbia and the Mighty Yukon Territory. It's about 40 miles south of Watson Lake on the Alaska Highway.

Contact Creek on the Alaska Highway, Contact Creek lodge Yukon Territory.

Contact Creek Yukon has the best gas and diesel prices in the area.Contact Creek Lodge typically has some of the best prices on fuel in the Yukon and of late their prices have beat those found in Whitehorse Yukon too. Contact Creek Lodge offers fuel, propane, lodging and has a restaurant and gift store ready to serve you.

Some of the services available at Contact Creek Lodge in Watson Lake, Yukon include;

  • coffee shop
  • snacks
  • gas and diesel
  • car repair
  • towing
  • Open year-round

Contact Creek Lodge does not have an RV Park but there is parking available if you're needing to rest or arriving late at night.

Contact Creek Lodge, Yukon Territory