Charlie Lake Campground

Located along the Alaska Highway about 8 miles north of Fort St. John, British Columbia, turn east where the Alaska Highway meets Highway 29. The entrance to Charlie Lake Provincial Park is just ahead.

The campsites are RV friendly and plenty deep with more than adequate privacy thanks to the foliage growing between the sites. While the lake is close by, the campground is about a 1/2 mile hike from the lakeshore and the lake is not visible from the campsites.

Motorhome accessible and family friendly, the campground is circular in shape with 57 sites located on opposing sides of the drive. Their is a large playground in the center of the circle with play equipment and game areas for a wide range of ages.

No hookups are available for RV's water is available for filling your potable tanks.

NOTE: There is a small golf course just up the road from the campground.

Charlie Lake Provincial Park offers a boat launch, canoeing, bird watching, camping and hiking. Charlie Lake Campground is a popular destination in the summer months for many of the locals from the Fort St. John area.

Also see Charlie Lake Rotary RV Park located at milepost 52 on the Alaska Highway just about 18 miles north from downtown Fort St. John, BC.


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