Teslin RV Parks and Campgrounds

Teslin is a vibrant native village located along the shores of Teslin Lake in the Yukon Territory. You will reach Teslin at Mile 804 (Km. 1244) on the Alaska Highway between Swift River and Johnson's Crossing Yukon (Swift River RV Park has been perminately closed).

Teslin Yukon Campgrounds

Popular with motorists, bicyclists, RV’ers and caravans traveling the Alaska Highway, the lodges, cabins, RV Parks and campgrounds in Teslin Yukon can be pretty full in the top months of June through August with reservations being highly recommended during this time of the season.

The campgrounds in Teslin include the RV parks as most offer tent camping for a reduced rate. While tent camping in these RV Parks does cost a bit more you are offered many luxuries that the campground on Teslin Lake does not offer like hot showers and flush toilets to name a few. Also available at your site you can enjoy plugging in to the included electrical outlets and charging your mobile devices, the Wi-Fi is also nice for sending a message to friends of posting some updates to Facebook, Twitter or your personal travel blog. When tent camping the laundry facilities can also be a blessing if a number of days have passed since the last opportunity had presented itself to you. Clean and dry clothes can be considered a luxury but darn if they don’t feel really good after a few days on the road.

As for the Teslin Yukon Campgrounds themselves, well they range from rustic Provincial campgrounds to all out campsite as described above. You choose the level of comforts you like and there will be a campsite that works for you in Teslin, Yukon.

Yukon Motel & Lakeshore Resort
KM 1244 Mile 804 Alaska Hwy
Teslin, Yukon - Y0A 1B0, Canada
Phone (867) 390-2443

Dawson Peaks Resort & RV Park
Km 1232 Alaska Highway
Teslin, Yukon - Y0A 1B0, Canada
Phone (866) 402-2244

Timberpoint Campground
Km 1278 Alaska Highway
Teslin, Yukon - Y0A 1B0, Canada
Phone: (867) 390-2624

Teslin Lake Campground (Provincial Campground)
Km 1232 Alaska Highway
Teslin, Yukon - Y0A 1B0, Canada