Free Camping in Whitehorse Yukon

The first thing that comes to mind when we think about free camping in any area is typically the parking lots of major retailers like Target, Fred Meyer and Walmart too. Of these choices there is a large Walmart that offers free camping and also, like many of their stores, there is free internet at the local Whitehorse Walmart too. It can be very crowded and noisy in these places as they are open all night and quite busy. If you're arriving in Whitehorse late and just want a place to restock your supplies and get a quick nap, the Whitehorse Walmart just might be the place your're looking for.

Only the northern location offers camping and we're not sure about the second location as we personally have never seen that store.

9021 Quartz Rd.
Whitehorse, YT
Campground Rating — ☆☆☆★★



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Free Camping in Whitehorse Yukon