RV sales see major upsurge in Alaska

With RV sales booming we hear this over and over, the demand is beginning to exceed supply on many of the most popular units. Motor homes in the 60,000 to 100,000 dollar range are the hot ticket and sales of both new and used RV’s this summer have been far better than expected. After a lengthy recession-driven downturn, RV sales are up over 40% for the first two quarters of 2013 as compared to the same period last year. By the end of the year, annual RV sales nationwide are expected increase by 45%.

Alaska’s RV dealers are reporting strong sales coming from an enthusiastic interest in new RV’s while sales of good used RV’s from both the private and commercial lots are booming too. Reports show the greatest market growth coming from a younger, first time buyer market, many of whom are experiencing their recreational vehicles as an affordable means of exploring the great state in which they live. With the growth in buyers whom are well shy of their 40th birthday increasing with such vigor, the future looks bright for RV dealers across Alaska.

RV Parks are reaping this resurgence too as the vacancy rates are way down, especially on weekends and holidays. We were down on the Kenai Peninsula over the weekend and there was not a single RV site to be had. Luckily for us our motor home is fully self-contained so we opted to pull into the Walmart parking lot in Kenai and actually had a great time with all the other campers in the same predicament.

Back up along the Parks Highway the same scenario is playing out. More and more RV’s are taking the trip up the Alaska Highway and traveling around the state in caravans and small independent groups. For the most part these groups have prearranged their daily destinations where many of the individuals are nomadic choosing a more flexible schedule.

Alaskan’s new to RVing are finding it more difficult to roam about the state for pleasure and are now preplanning their trips and reserving their campsites in advance. Places like the Seward, Soldotna and Homer on the Kenai Peninsula, Denali Park, Montana Creek and Lake Louise are all prime examples of areas and destinations that see a high demand for campsites.

Alaska offers so much for families with RV's.