Coastal Campgrounds near Kenai AK

Kenai Landing RV Park at the mouth of the Kenai River.

There are only a few options when looking for coastal campgrounds near Kenai AK and they are all very crowded in late July and early August when the dipnetting season is in full swing. The City of Kenai has camping available in a parking lot at the foot of Forest Street. It’s tight, noisy, crowded and expensive but it does offer a place for dipnetters to stage their subsistence fishing adventures from. There is also an option for camping on the beach across the river from Kenai. This area is known as South Beach and is basically an extension of the above area.

Aside from this, coastal campgrounds near Kenai AK is pretty limited. Kenai is not a main tourist destination outside of the dipnet fishery. The remainder of the year there is simply not enough need for campgrounds outside of what is already available.

Options: Discovery Campground at the far end of the North Road past Nikiski is another option but it is a long 25-mile drive north of Kenai.  Access to Discovery Campground is via what locals call “The North Road”, a continuation of the Kenai Spur Highway that reaches a dead end shortly after crossing the Swanson River Bridge at the entrance to Discovery Campground.  Discovery Campground is being managed by a private campground management company, Alaska Recreation Management, ARM can be contacted at (907)522-8368 or (907) 748-2553.

Lower loop at Discovery Campground on the Kenai Peninsula.

Camping near Kenai Alaska